President of Stickman Viz


I am Terminator. I keep the others on task and up to snuff. I beat them fairly regularly to ensure that they will continue to deliver the quality of work and the customer service that I demand. (Also, I just like beating them.) Stickman Viz can deliver almost anything. If we can't, we probably know someone who can.

Every stickman has a story. Here is ours.

When we were younger, we would sit in class and pass a piece of paper back and forth, taking turns drawing stickmen ninja-kicking each other instead of paying attention to whatever we were supposed to be paying attention to. Some of our stickmen developed personalities (most of them fairly asinine), the war developed into a storyline (looking back, a pretty weak one), and we completely ruined notebook after notebook (which was okay since we didn't have to buy our own, back then.)

We grow up a little, get a little better at drawing, and one of us can suddenly grow a beard (not saying which of us, but it was not the one typing this.)

As time went by, our stickmen became more detailed. Our people started growing muscles, hair, and even more personality. We started learning to cross-hatch and shade. The worlds became important, so we started drawing the trees, doors, and whatever else might be in the world. Eventually, we went off to school to learn even more (or at least to enroll in classes where we would have learned, had we not stayed up all night playing video games.)

We suddenly have these annoying things called bills, so we all go get jobs. We use our resources responsibly by trying to one-up each other with increasingly ridiculous computers.

As computers caught up to our imaginations, our worlds got more and more out of control. We started playing around with programming and using drawing programs to add color and texture. Quite suddenly, we started to be able to make things look exactly how we imagined them. Quite suddenly, this silly game of ours went from being a hobby to a job.

Enter Phillips Architecture. In truth, Stickman Viz would not exist today without the aid of our very good friends at PA. We will forever be grateful.

We needed real jobs. Phillips Arch needed to expand their capability to output in-house visualizations. They helped us get the training we needed, the degrees and certificates we now have, a playground to play in, and gave us the means to put together a small army of computers and software. As quickly as that, Stickman Viz came into existence.

The rest is history. Well... a good bit of the rest is actually the future. But it gets really confusing when someone starts writing in future tense.

Today, we are still just little kids drawing stickmen. Only now, our stickmen look alot more like marketing graphics, company logos, concept art, 3D arch renders, business cards, websites, and whatever else someone might need. Thankfully, our work ethic has significantly improved, alongside our abilities. But we still go into everyday with that same childlike love for making new things.

Now, we offer this love of ours to anyone that has a use for it. We are grateful, everyday, for every client that we have the opportunity to serve. We hope that you will give us the chance to help you tell your story. At the very least, we thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about of ours.