H.V. Purvis Book Covers

Death in a Small Town

Ever go back to the town where you were born? Not like this.
H.V. Purvis Book Covers


What's worse than your friends and family turning into crazy face eating monsters? Not having Stickman make a cover for it.
H.V. Purvis Book Covers


The future may be bleak, but at least there is still J-Date.
H.V. Purvis Book Covers

Shadow Knight: Dark Justice

Vampire + Western = Sweet

Cool Stuff We've Done Lately in Web Development


Very cool web pages that let the user push buttons

Content Management

Sites built so that you can add and edit content

Landing Page

Sweet stand-alone pages for special events

Custom eBlast

Advertisement graphics sent through email


JusKo Photography takes perty pictures of people and things in the Dallas, Texas area.


Moondancer Publishing is a new literary publication company out of North Carolina. We have been so happy to be part of their journey and look forward to seeing the impact that they'll make.


Swaim Law is a law firm serving central North Carolina while also being licensed in Florida. When deciding to establish themselves in the Raleigh area, we were lucky enough to be involved in their branding process.


A to Z Construction is a contracting company based out of New England. They build houses and stuff that generally stand up much straighter than their cool abstract logo.


CEAPU is a child advocacy agency based in Uganda. They specialize in an outreach that finds some of the most poverty stricken families in the world and offers them aid. We hope that this logo changes the world.


Artful Expressions is a custom card and scrap booking supply company in Connecticut. We're not sure what that means exactly, but it makes people happy so we're glad to have helped.


We think these guys make stamps or something. Not really sure. But the logo is kind of a cool retro looking guy so we like it.


You ever been standing in line for popcorn at the movie theater and look over and see a poster that's so dope that you get out of line to go look closer and it is even more awesome up close but then you realize that now you have to go to the back of the line again so you just decide that it isn't worth it and take another quick look at the ballin' poster for some movie you didn't want to see before but now you kinda do?

We make those. (Sorry about making you lose your popcorn but it is too expensive anyway. And kinda gross.)

Click on the poster (or here) to see what we've done.

Ask Terminator

Did you really make a giant barrel monster?

Yes. Yes we did. While it is not something we do regularly, a friend of ours (Client Savvy) had a booth at an expo in Florida. They needed a huge monster made out of construction barrels. It sounded like too much fun. Not only did it stand about 12 feet tall, but it was shipped in bits and snapped together like really huge Legos. It was pretty sweet. And before you ask... yes, the construction barrels were actually purchased.

Say Cheese!

The Wonderful World of Photography

Some people say that stick people can't take photos. They say that 2D people who live in a world of black, white, and sometimes gray won't understand dynamic lighting, focal depth, exposure, iso, composition, color theory, and so on and so on.

Then they point out that our arms just kinda end and we don't even have fingers to even handle a camera properly. At that point we normally flip over a table and storm out. We're not angry. We just look for any excuse to flip over a table.

But are they right? Find out!